Monday, December 9, 2013

Required Reading: Why "My Fair Vanity"?, R29 & Ecocult explain the cost of an organic t-shirt, and more

white t polished rocker
Image is from Ode to the Classic White Tee. See full post for brand and purchase info.

H&M says it wants to begin guaranteeing a living wage to the workers in its factories-- what they mean by "living wage" and how they propose to do it is unclear, but I'm happy to hear they are thinking about it...? (NYT)

Alden Wicker of Ecocult explains the high cost of an organic t-shirt on Refinery29. (R29)

Stephanie Clifford of the NYT examines the ‘Made in U.S.A.’ Premium . Take away: "it is the shoppers who will make this movement [towards American-made goods] succeed or fail." (NYT)

Luke Leitch discusses why "ethical fashion only works when it appeals to our vanity as much as our conscience."  This is an older article, but it goes a long way towards explaining the rationale behind the name of my blog,  its content, and why it's challengin but certainly not impossible to be fashion-conscious and eco-conscious. (Telegraph)

If you haven't finished up your holiday shopping, shop sustainably and stylishly for everyone on your list using one of the 175+ gift ideas for Mom, Dad, Tots, and more in My Fair Gift Guide

Required Reading is a series in which I share what I've been reading, something that inspires me, or maybe a little something I've learned that has helped me in my quest to lead a life that is kind to the earth and the people on it. See more here.

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