What do you mean by "fair"? 
My Fair Vanity is here to empower you (and me!) to live a fabulous, fun, stylish life that is also fair and kind.

rachel mlinarchik fair vanity fair trade fashion blog eco-blog about meEach item of clothing, piece of jewelry or product featured on My Fair Vanity was designed/supplied by someone who has made a conscious effort to be kinder to the earth or kinder to the people on this earth...or both!  

I feature designers and companies not because they are perfect or 100% eco-friendly, but because I see that they are making a conscious effort to choose their supplies mindfully or to ensure their workers have fair wages.

When you see something you covet, you can rest assured that the item/designer incorporates one or more of the following Fair Elements of Style:

Fair Trade/Direct Trade
Made in the USA
Upcycled/Recycled Elements

Teach Me
If you see an item on this blog whose maker seems to be doing more harm than good in the world, please let me know! I am putting this on the interwebs so I can learn from all of you wonderful, smart, stylish people. I do my best to research the companies and products I highlight, and I welcome your thoughts, ideas and criticism.

Reach Me
If you are a fabulous and fair designer, well hollaaaa! I would love to see what you can do and support you in any way I can. 

Style Challenge: My Fair Collection
I always feel a little pang of guilt buying pretty clothes or sparkly things I know darn well were made using methods that would certainly not be called fair or just. I want to stop having that icky feeling, but let's be real: I can't afford to get rid of every item in my closet that is not eco-fab, and it wouldn't be very green to buy all new things I don't actually need, right? So through My Fair Vanity, I've given myself a little style challenge:

Two out of every three of my clothing, accessory and make-up purchases are fair trade, handmade, organic, second-hand, recycled/upcycled, or made in the USA.  And all unfair or unjust parts of my posted outfits remain anonymous, so we won't be tempted by their siren call.I've been doing this for a year now, and it is much easier than I thought it would be. I very rarely purchase something that is outside of the ethics of this blog, nowadays.

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Product Review Policy
I'm happy to review your product if it falls into any of the categories listed on my "about" page, but please know that I will always present my honest opinion. If the product isn't something I would wear, use, or recommend to a friend, I won't post about it at all, so I encourage you to contact me to discuss what items you would like me to review so we can find something that will work for your brand and for my readers.

I've worked with sustainable brands to direct and style photo-shoots and with online retailers to curate "sustainable selections" of their wares.

More and more, consumers are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to fast fashion brands, so providing clear information about the ethics of your products is a powerful tool in today's retail space.

I can provide consulting services for buyers, visual merchandisers, and other taste-makers seeking to offer on-trend, eco-friendly options for their customers. My goal is to help you showcase your brand's commitment to style that is kind to the earth and the people on it, empowering your customers to feel good about what they're purchasing.

Advertisement Space & Giveaways
You can also contact me to request a media kit (advertisement prices are included) or to propose a giveaway or campaign. I prefer to do a maximum of one giveaway per month so that my readers are not overwhelmed and your product receives maximum exposure.

Affiliate Links
Sometimes, I use URLs that pay me when you buy a product I've featured. As I've mentioned above, if the product isn't something I would wear, use, or recommend to a friend, I won't post about it at all. But if you do find something you like, I thank you in advance for choosing me as a resource for your shopping exploits!



  1. Rachel! I LOVE your blog! Saw your email on CapFABB. Hope to see you at the next meetup!

  2. Yay, thanks!! Hope to see you, too!


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