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Sultry, Sexy and Sustainable: Eco-friendly Pajamas and Lingerie

Today I'm sharing a few eco-friendly examples of sleepwear, underwear, and-- let's be real-- sexwear. Knowing that some of us are more adventurous than others, and that one of my friends might break out into hives at the thought of reading this post, I've divided up your sustainable slumber party options into neat little categories of sexpertise.

6 sustainable and ecofriendly underwear and pajamas

I'll be the first to admit that my collection of pajamas is woeful. I have only two extremes: sweatpants + old t-shirts, and a solid collection of the lacy stuff you'll see farther on down on this page. So, I'm in the market for jammies that will make me feel comfortable, warm, and presentable without having to resort to come-hither wear.

The piped robe is made ethically in Peru of organic cotton by Only Hearts, and the cheery chevron print set is also made of organic cotton and available from the ASOS Green Room.  The color blocked, art deco, silk pajamas are made by hand in New York by Ari Dein, and while they are pricey at $495, I have no doubt they are worth it. I discovered this line over on Ecocult in this post, and I haven't looked back since.

sustainable, ecofriendly underwear, organic pajamas

The cotton tank set with lace insets is made in the USA and the piped nightshirt is ethically made in Peru using organic cotton, both by Only Hearts. Bonus: the tank set is on sale right now for 40% off. The chevron jumper shows a little more skin than the one above, so I thought it should go in the "intermediate" section (ASOS Green Room). 

And now, for the grand finale...

sustainable and ecofriendly underwear, pajamas, ari dein, lingerie made in the usa

Let's start from the top. The silky little bows are actually cuffs with "extra-long" ties. Both the cuffs and the sleepmask (blindfold?) are made in the UK by Ayten Gasson. She also has a beautiful eco-friendly collection made with organic peace silk, should you be interested. In general, I have found that the UK is wayyyy ahead of us here in the States, when it comes to sustainable apparel. I'm thinking of doing a follow up post solely devoted to British labels. Google "lingerie made in the UK" and you will see what I mean...but I digress.

Both the sheer red bra and panty set on the left and the black lacy camisole and briefs set on the right are by Only Hearts, and I have to say they win the prize for having a variety of options, occasionally using organic materials, employing fair labor, and keeping to a reasonable price point

Those briefs in the top right are made in the USA by Hanky Panky, and yes, the bottom works the way you think it does.They're called the After Midnight Open Gusset Hipster. Yup. They come in a thong and a tassled version, too. Natch.

Last, but not even close to least, is the stunning navy negligee at the center, which is handmade in New York, again by Ari Dein. It was a bit of a struggle not to make this entire post about Ari Dein. I want to own every single thing she sells because it is all so beautiful and so lovingly well-made. These are investment pieces for the trousseau, ladies! I mean, I don't have a trousseau, per se, but if I did, it would be filled with Ari Dein, with a little Ayten Gasson thrown in for good measure.

5 sustainable and ecofriendly underwear and pajamas

This collection would not be complete without briefs. I think it's super important to have fun with your underthings and to be comfortable. And ecofriendly, of course. Briefs and boy shorts provide ample options for all three.

The palm tree bikini briefs are made with eco-friendly material by human hands in the New York garment district. They're called Hotcakes and they're the result of a collaboration between Don't Blow The Illusion, Lisa Jackson Swimwear, and photographer Robin Walters. This is one of the tamer pairs-- others depict cereal, candy, should just go see for yourself. Let's just say that Hotcakes are so hip that the only appropriate place for them is your hips.

The coral lacey boy shorts are by Only Hearts (and they're on sale for $12!), and the skulls n' roses pair are made in the USA by Commando.

I'm pleased to report that it was actually quite difficult to cull this collection down to a reasonable size for all of you lovely people. That means that we really have no excuse when it comes to filling our dressers with frothy, fun, lacey and ethical undies or sleepwear. So go forth, and may the eco-friendly shopping force be with you!

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