Product Review Policy
I'm happy to review your product if it falls into any of the categories listed on my "about" page, but please know that I will always present my honest opinion. If the product isn't something I would wear, use, or recommend to a friend, I won't post about it at all, so I encourage you to contact me to discuss what items you would like me to review so we can find something that will work for your brand and for my readers.

I've worked with sustainable brands to direct and style photo-shoots and with online retailers to curate "sustainable selections" of their wares.

More and more, consumers are looking for eco-friendly alternatives to fast fashion brands, so providing clear information about the ethics of your products is a powerful tool in today's retail space.

I can provide consulting services for buyers, visual merchandisers, and other taste-makers seeking to offer on-trend, eco-friendly options for their customers. My goal is to help you showcase your brand's commitment to style that is kind to the earth and the people on it, empowering your customers to feel good about what they're purchasing.

Advertisement Space & Giveaways
You can also contact me to request a media kit (advertisement prices are included) or to propose a giveaway or campaign. I prefer to do a maximum of one giveaway per month so that my readers are not overwhelmed and your product receives maximum exposure.

Affiliate Links
Sometimes, I use URLs that pay me when you buy a product I've featured. As I've mentioned above, if the product isn't something I would wear, use, or recommend to a friend, I won't post about it at all. But if you do find something you like, I thank you in advance for choosing me as a resource for your shopping exploits!

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  1. Are you going to the Smithsonian Craft2Wear Show this week at the National Building Museum? At the preview party on Thursday night, they will be presenting an award for best sustainable wearable artist (clothes, jewelry, hats) at the show. Fifteen artists have entered. Check it out at I am on the Smithsonian Women's Committee and thought this might be right up your alley. The web site has pictures of the beautiful fashions. Cheers, Mimi


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