Sunday, October 27, 2013

Easy DIY Halloween Costume from Your Closet: Courtney Love

2 diy courtney love costume with kurt cobain copy

I love make-up, I love trying out new looks and I love costumes (I mean, I kinda grew up in them), so Halloween is by far one of my favorite holidays. And of course, I prefer to keep things eco-friendly by pulling together a costume from items that I already have in my own closet.

The 90s have been coming down the runways non-stop, it seems, and all of the flannel and slip dresses got me inspired to pay tribute to one of the most badassical, iconic women of the 90s: Courtney Love. And let's face it, dressing up like Courtney Love and Kurt Cobain brings a level of creepiness that Halloween demands.

4 diy courtney love costume with kurt cobain costume from your closet

I have been doing a lot of closet editing this year, making donation bags and consignment bags galore, but my purple Doc Martens will never, ever hit the donate pile, and I felt like they brought that 90s vibe.

Once you have your shoes (strappy mary janes would also work), all you really need is a lot of eyeliner, torn up tights, and a slip dress. I added some black laciness underneath to keep it edgy, and a sparkly pink headband to reference the tiara Courtney so often wore, but these are all touches that are up to you. It is very important, though to smear that lipstick and eye make up around like you just don't care.

5 diy courtney love costume with kurt cobain costume from your closet

Last but not least, I always begin a DIY costume by collecting inspirational images like the ones below:

6 diy courtney love costume with kurt cobain costume from your closet

If you're looking for more DIY Halloween costume inspiration before October 31, check out my DIY Fortune Teller costume and my DIY Princess Leia costume, both of which are super easy, super fun, and super recognizable.

The most important ingredient to any Halloween costume, however, is commitment. I had a lot of fun acting like a drugged-out crazy lady, and you can, too! ;)

Happy Halloween!

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