Sunday, October 7, 2012

DIY Halloween: Costumes From Your Closet

Fortune Teller fair vanity DIY Halloween Costume

Fortune Teller fair vanity DIY Halloween Costume 3

Fortune Teller fair vanity DIY Halloween Costume 4

Fortune Teller fair vanity DIY Halloween Costume 2

I LOVE Halloween. I love dressing up, I love fake blood (it tastes like mint!), I love thinking of new costumes, and I love candy. Who doesn't? So as we get closer to All Hallow's Eve, I'll be posting some tips to help you have fun and be Fair this October 31st.

While it's exciting to find that perfect costume from a catalogue, it's not the greenest thing in the world to buy something that you're only going to wear once or twice. This month, I've put together a few DIY Halloween costumes you can find in your own closet. I got the idea from Jessica Quirk of What I Wore-- I encourage you to check out all of her options from years past for further inspiration, as she has incredible sewing skills and some truly unforgettable costumes, including none other than Karl Lagerfeld.

As you can see, today's costume is a Fortune Teller. This is a costume that almost anyone can find in their own closet. All you need is scarves, scarves, scarves. Wrap one around your hips, tie one around your head, and throw one around your shoulders. Next, put on every ring you own, some dangly chandelier earrings, and some bangles. You don't need a maxi dress like mine, any maxi dress or skirt will do.  Add kohl-rimmed eyes and a dark lip and boom, you're ready to see into the future.

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  1. How fun is this! I love how your costume came together. I'm totally with you, Halloween is my favorite time of year and costumes are the best part. My favorite costume this year so far is my Effie Trinket costume. It's amazing what the right wig and some face paint will do! So glad to have found your blog, look forward to checking out more of your costume ideas :)

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