Thursday, October 4, 2012

Eco-friendly Office Attire: A Style Guide for the DC EcoWomen

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Hello, my fair friends! The folks over at DC EcoWomen have asked me to be a guest blogger today, and I have happily obliged. I hope you'll hop over to check out the two new looks I've styled for them along with a few tips on using Etsy and Ebay.

The DC EcoWomen are a community of women inspiring each other to create a healthy and equitable society. Their mission is to provide an educational forum that empowers women to become leaders in the environmental community and the world.

They have a speaker series that features local women entrepreneurs, a mentorship program, regular networking events and outings, and even a bookclub. Most impressive is the fact that all of their programming is produced by dedicated volunteers. They're a worthy group, and I hope you'll give them a look-see.

An Eco-Style Guide for the DC EcoWomen, rachel mlinarchik, fair vanity, fashion blogger

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