Monday, October 15, 2012

What's Your Fall Color Mood? See Your Style on Fair Vanity

aaryn west monday color mood board for fair vanity style challenge 2

aaryn west style challenge for fair vanity OOTD

On Sunday, I posted an homage to Aaryn West's inspirational color mood boards, then invited all of you lovely people to share your fall color moods and be featured here on Fair Vanity.

Well lo and behold, Ms. Aaryn West herself sent me over a little surprise, and of course I couldn't wait to share it with you. Her look is inspired by the Primary Agenda Monday Color Mood. And who better to give an example of how to enter than Aaryn herself?  Now it's an official Aaryn West/ Fair Vanity collaboration!

Aaryn resides in sunny Los Angeles, CA, and you can see that California spirit come through in her easy, colorful style. Aaryn also did me a major prop and made her whole outfit super Fair!
  • T-shirt is made in the USA by Daydreamer L.A. (graphic by Aaryn West, of course)
  • Skirt is thrifted vintage
  • Necklace is handmade by Found (Aaryn makes jewelry for fun outside of her design studio)
  • Bag is a hand me down by Kay West and is made in the USA
***Remember, to enter this style challenge, you only have to include ONE fair item in your collage or outfit photo (something vintage, borrowed, organic, vegan, made in the USA, fair trade, etc.), and mention which color mood goes with or inspired your ensemble.

The most important thing to remember is to make your image 640 pixels wide  (max 853 px tall) and to send it to fairvanitydc (at) gmail [dot] com by November 1st. I won't be able to feature your photo or collage and link to your lovely web site if the image is the wrong size, and I would very much like to share your style!


  1. That skirt suits the tee so well! Big fan of the necklace, too!

  2. The mix of colors and patterns here are fantastic!


I love hearing from you, my fair friends. Thank you so much for your comments!

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