Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Let it Snow

winter ootd upcycled bag by reformation sustainable fashion

You're probably not supposed to wear fur in the snow, but it feels like you should wear fur when it snows, doesn't it? And I know, it doesn't seem like an eco-fashion type lady like me would be wearing fur at all, but this fur is...different.

winter ootd upcycled bag by reformation vintage fur

I'm sure by now you've noticed my new obsession with Reformation (see HERE and HERE), a line that upcycles deadstock and remnant fabrics to create their fresh, edgy line of apparel and accessories. That line includes this tote bag, which is made from vintage fur coats and leather jackets. In my mind, there is a future world in which real fur items will be extraordinarily rare, like diamonds, because no one makes things out of fur anymore (unless they actually live in conditions that would require killing an animal to wear its fur, which I also hope is not necessary for anyone in this future utopia).

What I'm saying is, to me, it's the ultimate investment piece, like I just purchased an undervalued stock or piece of land. Is that crazy?

3 winter ootd upcycled bag by reformation sustainable fashion

It's also two-sided, so I can rock just a hint of fur lining the edges on one side or go full-out and risk having paint thrown on me. But I understand I am taking that risk, so it's OK.

I'm pretty proud of this outfit because it's comprised of nearly 100% vintage, second-hand or upcycled pieces, from the umbrella to the shoes. Absolutely no new fabrics were cut or woven to put together this look (with the exception of my black tights), and each lovely accessories or garments was saved from the possibility of an untimely and gruesome death-by-landfill. Everybody wins!

5 winter ootd upcycled bag by reformation sustainable fashion

The vegan Stella McCartney ankle boots, the Botega Venetta skirt, the sweater, and the J Crew jacket were all purchased second-hand from Secondi. And the umbrella is very special to me bc it was my Dad's.

Always the bargain hunter, it was acquired as one of those premiums you receive if you spend enough on cologne or after-shave, and it's surprisingly well-made and beautifullly designed by Aramis. You don't often come across free umbrellas with real wooden handles these days, hmm? I definitely inherited my love for finding a 'good deal' on a quality product from my father, and I think of him whenever I use it. :)

Last but not least, I've already told you about the bag. Which, FYI, is majorly on sale right now at Reformation, and comes in two colors (1, 2). Just sayin.

Shop the look:

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