Saturday, July 28, 2012

Sunrise, Sunset

collage, instagram, fair vanity, outfit post, rachel mlinarchik, coral, ikat

collage, instagram, fair vanity, outfit post, rachel mlinarchik, coral, ikat

bridesmaidsv coral, fair vanity fair trade, wedding colors, rachel mlinarchik

wedding, rachel mlinarchik, fair vanity fair trade, sunset, OOTD, outfit post

I celebrated my birthday last week (which is kind of like a little sunrise, sunset moment all on its own, right?), and I knew I had to wear this crazy Ikat romper. As soon as I tried it on I just loved it, for many reasons, I think. I did my best to explain why I love it in pictures, but I will also do my best to explain in words:

The colors are my wedding colors, so whenever I see or wear them, I am instantly transported back to Playa Negra, Costa Rica, where I dragged family and friends to witness J and I declaring our eternal love with our feet in the sand (I didn't wear shoes).  The girls in the photo are my bridesmaids, and I am so grateful to them for standing beside me that day. They picked their own dresses with the guidance of "colors that are in fire and mangoes, but otherwise whatever you want," and because I am very lucky, they all wore the most beautiful dresses that were so well-suited to their personalities and their incredible beauty. Some were vintage, some new, some ombre, some lemony yellow, some burnt orange. Every time I look at that photo of them walking, laughing and carrying flowers along the beach, I get so so happy, and I hope you will, too. I altered the image a little to make sure they remain anonymously lovely, but also because I've always thought that this photo looks just like a painting, so now it's as it should be.

The bottom photo (also altered, obvi) is yours truly and J, walking towards the rest of our lives together. Is it starting to make sense why I love love love these colors? We were amazed at what the sky did for us that day, just so amazed and thankful.

Last but certainly not least, the margaritas are from Lauriol, and no, I didn't order the swirly kind because they matched my outfit, but I was definitely psyched when I realized they did! J and I ran into a few friends, had a delicious dinner, drank margaritas that were muy refrescante, and then went home and bought tickets to go see our bestest friends in Portland, ME. They served as best man and bridesmaid in our wedding, so I am allowed to call them our bestest :)

 So, pretty much, it was the perfect day.

P.S. Tune in on Monday to see some fair trade, vintage and handmade goodies and get the look from today's post in your own special way.


  1. ok now officially teary! we cannot WAIT to see you and wish you a happy sunrise/sunset in person. LOVE you.

    1. Love you, too! I am counting down till blast off!!!!


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