Monday, July 30, 2012

Get the Look {Fairly}: Sunrise, Sunset

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As promised, here are a few ways to get the look {fairly} from Saturday's outfit post.
  1. Jumpsuit by Nomad, fair trade and on sale right now. Personally, I would cut off the pants into shorts and make it into a romper, which is also closer to the look from yesterday's post.
  2. Vintage wood bangle available from The Vintage Square's store in Oklahoma on Etsy
  3. Wood bangle available from Terrabella (organic and natural products handmade by a husband and wife team in Nicaragua) on Etsy
  4. Coral Necklace is fair trade, made of red Masai beads by Lalesso, and on sale right now.
  5. Snake print and giraffe print cuffs are made from reclaimed, upcycled leather by Nubambu
  6. Clutches are fair trade by Mar y Sol, a collaboration between artists in New York and artisans in Madagascar. The bags are handmade using sustainable materials, and all of their products are crafted with care for both the people who buy them and the people who make them. Also, they are on sale!
The sunset is from my wedding day in Costa Rica. I want you to know, dear reader, that it is not photoshopped in any way. Mother Nature was pretty much like "Bam!" and she gave us the best wedding present we ever could have received. It really was spectacular, and the pictures don't do it justice. So, whenever I wear the colors of sunset, of mangoes and fire, I think of my wedding day and one of the most wonderful places on earth: Playa Negra, Costa Rica.

My husband and I go back every year to lay around, swim, eat yummy locally grown food, and (occasionally) attempt surfing. Mostly we drink cervesas and watch the world-class surfers do their thang and say "wow, did you see that?" Sometimes we make new friends, like the this guy:

costa rica, lizard, playa negra, fair vanity fair trade, rachel mlinarchik, fashion blog

But mostly we just watch the sun set :)

sunset, costa rica, playa negra, caipirinhas, rachel mlinarchi, fair vanity fair trade

 Do you have colors that make you happy? Places or spaces?

Last but not least: tomorrow is the last day to enter the bracelet giveaway and be featured here on Fair Vanity! Comment with your pinterest board, your blog post, your flickr, whatever you like, and I will feature you and enter you to win the bracelet :)

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