Saturday, June 30, 2012

3 Ways to {Fairly} Rock This 4th of July

fair vanity, rachel mlinarchik, shoes, red white and blue, made in USA, fashion blog

1. Fair Kicks
Clockwise from top left: Navy striped flat by and high heel, red thong sandal, all by Olsenhaus, vegan and made in the USA; Red laser-cut sandal by GoMax vegan, available HERE; White high-top by Ethletic, fair trade and organic materials used, available HERE; Blue heels, vintage, available in the USA from vintage303 on Etsy

fair vanity, rachel mlinarchik, sunglasses, red white and blue, made in USA, fashion blog

2. Fair Shades
Clockwise from top right: Vintage DVF, available in the USA on Etsy from Wingostarr; White Oakley sunglasses, made in the USA, available from UBIQ; Red and clear confetti frames, vintage dead-stock sunnies from American Apparel; Vintage Leica plastic frames, made in the USA, available HERE; Blue rounded frames, vintage deadstock from American Apparel

fair vanity, fashion blog, red white and blue, bags, fair trade, made in the USA

3. Fair Bags
Clockwise from top left: Go big or go home, people! American flag straw bag, vintage, available on Etsy from Vintageandmore; Navy Wax Ibiza flight tote made in the USA, locally sourced, by Hayden Harnett Handbags & Accessories; Red straw 70s era vintage straw clutch, available on Etsy from wunderbar vintage; Blue leather cross-body bag made in the USA, locally sourced, by Hayden Harnett; Red Polka dot scarf to tie around your blue bag, vintage 80s and available from American Apparel (only 5 bucks!); Blue 1960s era woven clutch, available on Etsy from CoriLu Vintage

The Eco Breakdown
I'm pleased to introduce my newest find: Hayden-Harnett. The owners decided to ensure that each part of their collection was locally sourced in the USA, and the bags themselves are beautiful. Check out this video on the story of the collection-- highlight is minute 2:45 when Benjamin Harnett says this:

"A lot of times, people will buy their leather in Italy...then they'll fly it to China to manufacture it, and then fly the products back...that's not good for the environment and that's not good for the economy."

WATCH: The Making of Hayden-Harnett Collection

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