Monday, June 25, 2012

Hot on a Yacht

fair vanity, Rachel Mlinarchik, yacht, fair trade, fashion blog

fair vanity, Rachel Mlinarchik, yacht, fair trade, fashion blog

Orange print bikini by Fair + True; Ikat wrap-style one-piece bathing suit by Robin Piconne; One-piece yellow bathing suit by American Apparel

fair vanity, Rachel Mlinarchik, yacht, fair trade, fashion blog

Clockwise from top left: White Shorts from H & M's conscious collection; Hand woven coronado bag from Fair Indigo; Orange nail polish by essie, available on Ulta; White hat by American Apparel; Gold leather and wooden bangles by Raven + Lily.  Sunglasses vintage Christian Dior from from Nicole Miller's Retrosun collection, available on Net-a-porter; Cork wedges by Jeffrey Campbell, exclusive to Convert.

In D.C., summer is the time for weekends away from our hot, swampy town. I personally love the heat, but I also prefer to enjoy that heat by a pool, on a beach, or on a boat with an icy cold beverage.

So for those of you who are headed out of town this weekend, or perhaps just daydreaming about the possibility, I've thrown together some yacht-worthy swimsuits and fair accessories. I've never been a fan of one-pieces bc I have a long torso, but this one by Robin Piccone is just so loverly, perfectly proportioned, and though she doesn't brag about it on her web site, made in the USA.  I didn't add a shirt bc I feel like these suits are so pretty you could just throw on white shorts, slip on the shoes and be done with it.

However, if you are more demure than I, or if you find yourself having to go from yacht/beach to drinks/restaurant, I suppose a shirt is in order...if I were going to wear the linen shirt dress below, though, I would definitely stash a skinny belt in my bag to throw on over it. Waists are important. (having them).

fair vanity, shirts, Rachel Mlinarchik, fair trade, fashion blog

Perforated striped top by Organic by John Patrick; Skinny belt by American Apparel
Linen shirt dress by Olga Olsson; Navy striped tank by Fair + True

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