Monday, June 25, 2012

Embracing Neon

fair vanity, fair trade, fashion blogger, seattle locks

Seattle Locks


fair vanity, fair trade, fashion blogger, neon, rachel mlinarchik

Clockwise from top left: White t-shirt by Alternative Apparel; Jeans by Monkee Genes; Bangle, handmade from Etsy, more colors available; Belt, faux leather by Stella McCartney; Sandal by Olsenhaus.

fair vanity, fair trade, neon, fashion blog, rachel mlinarchik

Clockwise from top right:
Necklace, pillow, and clutch, all handmade (Etsy); Shorts are vintage Lilly Pulitzer, still available till tomorrow on Ebay; Bikini is Made in the USA from American Apparel; Jacket is Stella McCartney, also available on Ebay

Admit it. Those shorts are AMAZING. I am attracted and repelled by them all at the same time. I don't think I could pull them off, but I hope someone out there can, and that they send me a picture. I promise to post it if you do!!!

Last night I came across this neon style challenge from the Capital Area Fashion and Beauty Bloggers, so of course I had to try it out. I fear neon, so I recommend starting with a neutral palette of white, chambray, or khaki, and just add one or two pops of neon color to the outfit, kinda like I did above. But I also give mad props to chicks who can rock an all neon ensemble like it's their job :)Yes, mad props.

This post was so so so fun to research, and I'm very grateful to Cap Fabb for the neon kick in the pants. I found a treasure trove of neon awesomeness on Etsy, and I strongly encourage you to hop over to check it out for yourself. And don't forget to check out Cap Fabb on June 27th to see how other stylin' bloggers have embraced neon in their lives.

***New Feature: The Eco Breakdown***

It's not always obvious why one of the items I feature is considered to be fair and friendly. Most people know that American Apparel is made in the USA, for example, but not everyone knows that Olsenhaus (the white sandals above) is a luxury vegan brand that was created " illustrate [that] plundering, cruelty, and greed are not synonymous with true style" or that Monkee Genes are not only organic and made using fair labor standards, but they are also the first and only jeans label to have accreditation from The Soil Association and the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS).

So from now on, each time I do a post like this, I'll try to talk a little bit about the lesser-known brands I've chosen to include and how they incorporate the Fair Elements of Style.


  1. Great picks! I love the hints of neon with that jeans and a t-shirt look!

  2. It was great to meet you the other night! Such cute pieces!


    1. It was great to meet you, too! And thanks :) Lookin forward to the next CabFABB event!


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