Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Best (Maternity) Jeans EVER: AG Jeans

3 AG Maternity Jeans for Pea in the Pod Baby Bump Style

I know I just talked about these jeans in my last post about eco-friendly maternity clothing essentials, but it bears repeating: Adriano Goldschmied officially makes the best maternity jeans ever. They are like pajamas that appear to be skinny jeans, I swear. I encourage you to try on AG Maternity Jeans at Pea in the Pod (or regular AG Jeans at Nordstrom and other department stores), all the while knowing they:
  • Are Made in the USA 
  • Use eco-friendly fibers like Tencel
  • Use their signature Ozone wash technique that minimizes use of water and chemicals in their manufacturing process
  • Partner with Charity:Water

2 AG Maternity Jeans for Pea in the Pod Baby Bump Style

I'm wearing my AG maternity jeans with secondhand heels from Reddz Trading and a grey turtleneck sweater I've had forever that happens to be the perfect long length. I'm a little concerned I may be ruining all of the nice long sweaters I have been living in, but only time will tell...

As for the shoes, kitten heels and pointy toed flats are elongating but still comfortable and do-able during pregnancy (for me, at least!), and they've been my go-to shoes for work meetings and date night. Along with my Birkenstocks and high-tops, of course. I'll do my best to try and squeeze in a few snaps of my weekend sneaker-head outfits before baby girl joins us, at a bare minimum over on Instagram, but things are touch and go from here on out folks-- due date is tomorrow!


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