Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Guide to Eco-friendly Maternity Style Staples

H and M conscious connection maternity style

SO. I'm on the home stretch with one week to go (in theory), and I wanted to be sure to show you three eco-Mama items that have been key to my comfort and were a central part of my wardrobe as my belly grew: my Birks, my H&M concscious collection tees, and my AG maternity jeans.

I'll start with the jeans. I tried on several pairs from J Brand, H and M, and more, but as soon as I put on the AG Jeans Stella Secret Fit Belly® 5 Pocket Maternity Jeans, I knew I had found The Ones. These jeans are super soft, and they feel like wearing your most comfortable lounge-around-the-house leggings. Like all AG Jeans, they're made in the USA, but AG also takes a thoughtful approach to their manufacturing, processing their jeans using ozone technology that slashes use of water, energy, and chemicals.  

Full disclosure: As I shared in last month's post, I waited until the very last minute to acquire maternity jeans, but even if I had bought them earlier in my pregnancy, I would probably not have paid full price for an article of clothing with such a short lifespan. Instead, I snagged my pair used from Ebay for about $60.

Next up: The Birkenstocks. Never has there been better cosmic timing (for me) then the resurgence of orthopedic sandals and being pregnant. What you should know about these sandals, though, is that not only are they built to last, but they are made in Germany (thus under fair labor standards) and made out of pretty eco-friendly stuff.  Ana over at The Distillerist outlines Birkenstock's eco-friendliness in more detail here, but I can tell you that the footbed is made of natural latex and upcycled cork, two renewable and non-toxic materials, and the soles are made from EVA, which is a cleaner alternative to the traditionally used PVC.

2 H and M conscious connection maternity style

BAG: Secondi (consigned) 
SWEATER: conventional (ethical options HERE and HERE)
JEANS: AG Maternity for Pea in the Pod, made in the USA

Last but certainly not least is my shirt, which is from H&M's Mama collection. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that almost all of the staple pieces (basic tanks and tees) in this collection are also part of the Conscious Collection, including the striped shirt above, which means they are made from organic cotton. I picked up a few layering pieces in black, white and stripes, and I've been pretty much good to go using the looser fall and winter sweaters I already had.

Shop the look {ethically}:

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