Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Meet Naja: Ethical, Empowering Lingerie

2 ethical underwear by naja

Naja is a rare find: beautiful, well-made underwear with an empowering mission and a reasonable price point.

A percentage of every Naja purchase you make goes toward supporting an entrepreneurial sewing program for women through the Golondrinas Foundation. And for every bra purchase you make, you contribute directly to the employment of a single mother. How it works: When you buy a bra, Naja gives you a lingerie wash bag so that you can wash your undergarments, each lingerie bag is made at home by one of the women employed through their Underwear for Hope program.

They also limit use of pthalates, incorporate nylon made from used fishing nets, and (if you take hte at their word) make every effort to produce pieces that are high-quality and fairly priced.

ethical underwear by naja

What I like most about Naja is that they have something for everyone in terms of style, from hippie-chic bohemian prints to their simple, sexy Noir de Noir collection (above).  I also love that they include patterns on the inside of their bras and little messages on the inside of their underwear-- it shows that each piece is truly for you to enjoy wearing, though they are certainly worth showing off for a captive audience, should you choose to.

Full Disclosure: I've not yet tried out any of their products-- I just like what I see. I plan on ordering a pair of their briefs as one of my first post-baby gifts to myself, though, and I promise to let you know how they turn out. 

3 ethical underwear by naja


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