Monday, May 5, 2014

Sustainable Style: White T-shirt, Black Jeans, Strappy Heels

10 strappy givenchy heels and black paige verdugo skinny jeans copy copy

Today's sustainable style post is one more in what may be a never-ending, lifetime ode to simplicity. A t-shirt and jeans is about as basic as it gets, and you can never go wrong with black and white-- does the creme blazer count as a pop of color? I say yes.

4 eco-friendly summer wardrobe staples

I love fancy heels, but my favorite way to wear them is with jeans, not a fancy dress. And if we're talking about paring down, owning less, and having more, this kind of outfit is one anyone can build from the clothes they already have.

We all have jeans, we all have t-shirts. Throw on your favorite heels and a blazer and you've gone from casual laying-around-the-house-wear to casual cool. The look works in a variety of settings in which you migtht want to look polished, overly formal: first date, dinner and drinks with friends, brunch, or movie night (heels are perfect for movies because you don't have to stand in them! #winning).

7 strappy givenchy heels and black paige verdugo skinny jeans
WEARING: Paige Verdugo Ultra Skinny Black Jeans aka THE MOST COMFORTABLE AND STRETCHY JEANS I HAVE EVER OWNED (made in the USA), Alternative Apparel Favorite T-shirt (see Alternative Apparel's commitment to sustainability and kindness HERE), secondhand Givenchy heels. PHOTOGRAPHY: My obliging husband

Throughout May, I will be working to build a collection of sustainable summer options to share with you. For now, here's how to get today's look fairly:


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