Thursday, April 24, 2014

3 Ethical, Eco-friendly Brands for Spring from "Affordable" to "Investment Piece"

Today marks the anniversary of the devastating Rana Plaza factory collapse in Bangladesh that killed 1,135 workers and injured more than 2,500 people. Right now, many victims and families are still waiting for compensation for their lost wages and injuries. Aside from avoiding stores that churn out fast fashion made in factories similar to Rana Plaza, it's sometimes hard to know what you can do to help.

If you're new to My Fair Vanity, or even if you're not,  one of the best ways to start (or continue) making a positive impact with your purchases is by learning about and investing in brands that are making a conscious effort to be kind to the earth and the people on it. In other words, start to take on a "do no harm" philosophy by checking the label to see where your clothing is made, or asking questions in the store about the company's commitment to fair wages and environmental considerations in their materials sourcing. The more you ask, the more brands will see that their customers do care about the welfare of the people who make their clothes.

To get you started, I'm sharing three of my favorite ethical brands for the spring/summer season. I've also chosen them from three different price points to show that you don't necessarily have to pay big bucks to be a little more ethical.

WAYF, made in the usa, ethical fashion, my fair vanity, rachel mlinarchik
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Wayf - Affordable ($29- $69)
If you absolutely must have what is trending now, such as printed trousers and bright spring shift dresses, then choosing WAYF is a good way to do less harm. All of their pieces are made here in the USA, so you know that even if you're not going to wear those floral cropped trousers forever, you also know that no one has slaved in dangerous conditions or been paid far less than a living wage to make them. Just make sure to re-sell or recycle them when you're done. ;)

Emerson Fry on My Fair Vanity ethical fashion made in the USA
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Emerson Fry - Mid-range ($78-$200)
As Diana Elbasha of Washingtonian so flatteringly pointed out this week, I'm attracted to laid back, minimalist design, which means I love Emerson Fry's effortless staple pieces. I love even more that they are made in New York from natural fibers like hemp, silk, and cotton. Investing in timeless, well-made separates that will never go out of style is an eco-win, each and every time.

EDUN made in Africa ethical fashion
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Edun - Luxe investment pieces ($98-$3,000)
Edun was founded by Ali Hewson and Bono to promote trade in Africa, and while the brand has had its ups and downs, I think their star is on the rise now that creative director Danielle Sherman (formerly of The Row and Alexander Wang) has come on board. I loved their Fall RTW collection, and I've got my eye on a few pieces that are available right now at Barney's. This spring, 85% of the collection will be sourced in sub-Saharan Africa, and that's something I can get behind.

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