Saturday, September 14, 2013

Sporty Spice: Eco-friendly Sweatshirts for Fall

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I'm kind of loving all of the sporty, athletics-inspired options for fall, ya'll! I don't really enjoy watching sports and I find the gym intimidating, but I do love sweatshirts. Because who doesn't love sweatshirts? Especially sweatshirts that are now considered "fashion-y." This style moment may be fleeting, so I recommend we all take full advantage as quickly and comfortably as possible.

Any shirt emblazoned with badassical words like "SWAG" or "Naomi Cambell" is a shirt for me. The Naomi sweatshirt is by one of my new faves, Reformation, a rockin label I discovered on Ecocult. Reformation is an environmentally sustainable fashion brand that repurposes vintage and surplus materials to create limited edition collections. Each collection is made locally in their New York and Los Angeles studios and then sold directly at their stores, so prices are pretty reasonable. It's basically an eco-friendly version of Nasty Gal. P.S. the adorable skirt the model is wearing is made of upcycled vintage leather.

The SWAG t-shirt is fairly made in the USA, with 51% of profits going towards a program that empowers young people in NYC to become leaders and change-makers in their communities. I found the shirt over on Fashioning Change, a site that provides near-exact alternatives to top brands that are not very fairly made. It's similar to what I provide here on My Fair Vanity, only I don't tell you about the naughty brands, and instead just try to quietly ignore them. ;)

The insane acid trip sweatshirt is (of course) by my new favorite insane acid trip designers, Clover Canyon, who make all of their crazy awesome items in California. THESE SHORTS ARE STILL AWESOME.

Lastly, I had to include this beautiful taupe backpack by Matt & Nat because it's not only perfectly sporty, but also very sleek and modern. In general, I'm vehemently opposed to backpacks, but if I had to wear one, I would definitely wear this one. Like all Matt & Nat products, it's vegan and the interior is made from recycled components.


In the slideshow below, I've put together even more sweatshirts for you, and each and every one is made in the USA, which will, I hope,  justify the fact that not one of them is under $100. Womp womp. But this one from American Apparel is only $40 and comes in 13 colors!

Don't forget: you can shop all of my favorite, fair items 

51% of the Proceeds Empowers Youth To Become Leaders - See more at:

  • Fairly Made & Screen Printed in the US ?
  • 51% of the Proceeds Empowers Youth To Become Leaders
  • - See more at:

  • Fairly Made & Screen Printed in the US ?
  • 51% of the Proceeds Empowers Youth To Become Leaders
  • - See more at:

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