Thursday, August 29, 2013

Finally! Eco-friendly Apparel for the Office {Meet Zady}

4 zady eco-friendly online retailer

I have been anticipating the launch of Zady for some time now, and they're finally here! This is a company I have day-dreamed about starting myself, but I am so happy that someone else has done all the work and done it all so beautifully.

Zady offers sustainable, high-quality and on-trend apparel for men and women.  They also have a message and a mission, and it's right in line with mine and so many others who want to end the fast fashion phenomenon.

Most importantly, though, they have eco-friendly office staples. From conservative collared shirts and trousers to colorful accent accessories, this is one of the only places on the interwebs you can depend on for sustainable workwear. You're welcome, people. You're welcome.

zady eco-friendly online retailer

Bonus: if you're wondering where the pretty bracelet you're looking at came from or how it was made, you have a handy little badge system to let you know, in addition to the background narratives included with each item.

And while I do admit some of the prices are pretty high, it's important to remember that investing in timeless pieces that will last decades is worth it, especially when you have the luxury of knowing who made your clothes, where they made them, and how.

So go forth, little grasshoppers, and shop fair!

zady eco-friendly online retailer

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