Wednesday, August 1, 2012

The Great Gatsby: Get the Look {Fairly}

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  1. Art deco ring is vintage from Galaxy Gems on Etsy, $499
  2. Earrings are fair trade from Manumit, available and on sale now at 
  3. White dress fair trade by Komodo, available and on sale now at 
  4. Art deco headband is vintage from Jill's Boutique in Chicago, IL on Etsy, $24 
  5. Rare 1930s Czech Wood Beads Purse from Deco Darling in Los Angeles on Etsy 

I know The Great Gatsby isn't coming out until December, but I am still super-psyched and counting down the days. I looooove Baz Luhrman, Leo, Carey Mulligan, period pieces, and dancing in movies, so this is set up to be AMAZING in my book. 

If you're feeling a little Daisy-like, check out the fair trade and vintage options above to help you get the look. Happy Wednesday!


  1. Love, love, love all things Deco!! also may have to buy the book as my British husband doesn't know this American classic!

  2. Thanks for this collection of clothes and accessories. I am very excited to wear my cloche hats in the fall and spring!


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