Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Weekend Wear: Lace-up Brogue-style Boots, Lazy Weekends, Boy George

paul smith shoes grey jeans jcrew felt hat

Sometimes I like to dress up like Boy George and sit around in my Mom's backyard...kidding. Mostly.  I'm pretty excited to debut my new (but old) Paul Smith boots. I found them in Secondi and I only needed to have them on for about one full minute before I knew they had to be mine. Allll minnne.

4 paul smith shoes grey jeans jcrew felt hat

I don't know if the previous owner broke them in so perfectly or if this particular style comes this way, but I love these shoes. The leather is buttery soft and they feel like I've been wearing them for years.

5 paul smith shoes grey jeans jcrew felt hat copy

These magical boots and my grey jeans were a go-to uniform over the holidays when every day was a basically the weekend. I was pretty jazzed to have also found the brown bag on the same Secondi trip.

3 paul smith shoes grey jeans jcrew felt hat

When I got dressed this weekend, I was still under the spell of Kelly Framel's recent series on 10 Crosby Derek Lam's Liz Giardina and her signature oversize jewelry, so I pawed through my mom's rings and made off with her silver! (GET IT?)

7 paul smith shoes grey jeans jcrew felt hat

WEARING: Bailey Company for JCrew felt hat (made in USA); secondhand bag and Paul Smith shoes; screw ring from Alitas jewelry (handmade locally); diamond band by Brilliant Earth (recycled platinum and conflict-free diamonds from Canada); other rings borrowed; conventional jeans and sweater, both several years old.

Photography by Gail Mlinarchik.

Shop the look (fairly):

These Fortress of Inca shoes below would also fit the bill, and all Fortress of Inca shoes are handmade in Peru under fair labor standards (1 and 2).

7 fortress of inca brown ankle boots handmade in peru

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