Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Sustainable Sale Alert: Ace and Jig at Of a Kind

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It didn't even take me a full day to cave when I heard that every item in the Ace and Jig collection for Of a Kind was on sale for 40% off. My dear sister-in-law informed me this afternoon and it was all over. But in the words of Edith Piaf, je ne le regret rien!

In fact, the only thing I do regret is how small my post-Christmas shopping budget is, or I would have snatched up all three of these instead of just one. Instead, I focused on my wardrobe needs (not wants) and invested in the classic shirt on the right.

Collared button-downs are on my "needs" list, and this chambray-esque one can be paired with black cardigans and sweaters in the winter, jeans in spring, and pretty much anything in the summer. I mean, you know how I prefer not to wear pants in balmy weather, if at all possible, and this shirt certainly fits my swimsuit cover up needs.

The shirt is on sale for $114, which might seem steep, but I know that it's made to last, so I'm thinking my cost per wear will be down to $5 by the first few weeks of pool season and neglible by the end of the year. 

You last saw me sport Ace and Jig in this post, in which I shared that their custom-woven, super soft fabrics are made in India under fair labor conditions in a very small factory. Learn more about the factory owner, his rainwater recycling system, and just how fair the labor conditions are HERE.

If you're tantalized by the proposition of scads of soft, comfortable, kind clothing at 40% off, check out the rest at Of a Kind.

Pictured L to R:

Update 1/8/14!
You can grab even more of Ace and Jig's stuff over at Ethica for 40% off by using code NEWYEAR.

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