Monday, November 11, 2013

Fall Back into Vintage {Brocade, Bag, Necklace}

vintage brocade top, bell sleeves, my fair vanity

It's been a little while since I've donned a vintage find here on My Fair Vanity, but when I found this stunning brocade top in Secondi the other day, I knew before I tried it on that it was coming home with me. The fact that it has pockets only adds to the perfection of its elegant pattern and rich detail. 

vintage brocade top, bell sleeves, my fair vanity

Maybe it's all of the Project Runway reruns I've been watching, but this top makes me wish I could sew. The fabric would look beautiful in a robe, an ankle length trouser, a pencil many options!

vintage brocade top, bell sleeves, vintage black bag, my fair vanity

I paired the top with a "vintage-inspired" necklace borrowed from a friend and a vintage bag that was my husband's grandmother's-- I think it's so fresh and modern even though it's from years ago. Each time I look at it I am impressed by her classic style.

2 vintage brocade bell sleeves my fair vanity

If I had a powder room, I would wall-paper it in this fabric. But since it only exists in the form of this top as far as I know, I've found a few vintage options on Etsy to get you started on your own personal vintage vision quest.
6 vintage brocade top my fair vanity

7 vintage long chain necklaces my fair vanity

Vintage long-chain pendant necklaces: 1 , 2 , 3 and 4 (not pictured, but a great option)

Photography by Victoria Corkhill.

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