Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Introducing: Lydali

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I'm pleased to introduce you to my fairest new find, Lydali.

Lydali offers a cheery online collection of brightly-colored jewelry, home goods, bags and accessories made by artisans around the world who are operating under fair trade and fair labor standards.

For example, the bracelets on the bottom left are from one of my all-time favorites, Raven + Lily (remember them?). In addition to creating sustainable economic opportunities for marginalized women, Raven + Lily returns proceeds to their partner communities to fund education, healthcare, and micro-loans. By purchasing R+L products, consumers are part of breaking the cycle of poverty and transforming the lives of women and families.

Bonus: you can find a whole new collection of my favorite Lydali finds over on their blog! I encourage you to check it out and explore the rest of their lovely store.

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  1. I really like the purple mineral-like ring. That would be quite the statement piece!

    1. it's the very first thing I picked out! :) i love drusy..


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