Thursday, July 31, 2014

Meet Coclico: Eco-friendly, Ethical Shoes {Summer Sale}

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Finally, an eco-friendly and ethical shoe company that consistently churns out on-trend, beautiful shoes each season. So many other companies I've come across pay close attention to materials, yet miss the mark when it comes to style, and that couldn't be farther from the truth when it comes to Coclico.

And guess what-- you can take 30% off any shoe on their web site now through August 3rd with code SUMMER30, and that includes fall boots. Is it too soon for fall ankle boots? I think not. 

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And just so we're clear on the details, here's the eco-friendly and ethical rundown on Coclico:
  • They use accredited tanneries with an emphasis on vegetable-tanned leathers.
  • Natural components such as wood, organic linens, recycled cork for internal platforms, recycled foam, non-chrome leather lining and lead free / nickel free hardware are prioritized.
  • Whenever possible, these components are sourced from regional suppliers, close to the production facility in Mallorca, Spain, which is known for providing living wages, high safety standards, and environmental reliability.
Coclico is also quite widely available on the interwebs-- you can snag a deal on a pair via Amazon, or take advantage of free shipping and free returns on Shopbop. Or just scroll on through more of my sale favorites below:

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